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Gentlemans Pistols – London Borderline – April 7th 2011

Gentlemans Pistols – London Borderline – April 7th 2011

It doesn’t seem that long ago but it was actually December 2009 the last time (and first time) I saw Gentlemans Pistols, when they were supporting Valient Thorr at the Underworld. Although I remember thinking they were good, I haven’t listened to them that much since then and putting their CD back in the stereo now, I really can’t explain why. Gentlemans Pistols ROCK!

They don’t sound like anyone else around now and that’s probably because they play the type of music they love – 70s rock. And they play it well. So much so that I reckon if they were around in the 70s they’d be selling out much larger venues than the Borderline. It’s pretty well attended tonight though, and as well as being about 90% beard, the crowd also seems to be a who’s who of British rock music. For much of the gig I was stood next to one of the guys from London metal band Blood Island Raiders, and on the way back from the bar I stood on Orange Goblin frontman Ben Ward’s foot (sorry Ben). Lee Dorrian – Napalm Death and Cathedral vocalist, and Rise Above Records founder – was also in the crowd).

Incredible Hog

Unfortunately we missed the first support band, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – aside from one of the best band names ever, listening online they sounded pretty good too. Well, it was a nice evening and I was busy eating fish tacos in the park. I’ll make sure I catch them next time.

We did arrive in time to see the reunion gig (after over 35 years) of Incredible Hog, an early 70s British blues rock band who only released one album. Apparently they did record a second but most of the songs went missing. Incredible Hog were good, had some banter with the crowd and certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were two super fans at the front headbanging through the whole set who had to hold onto the front of the stage at times just to keep from falling over.

Gentlemans Pistols take to the stage

So the lads from Leeds stepped up and powered into a long set that included favourites from their self titled first album – I got to hear some of my favourites like The Lady, Widow Maker, Lying and Fooling and many more – plus some great new tracks from the forthcoming second album, At Her Majesty’s Pleasure, which will be released in May.

Gentlemans Pistols at the Borderline

The guys were much tighter than I remember them and they play with such swagger that you can’t help but dance along. I was loving it more with every song they played, with the new songs just as good as the old ones and although we got an encore it was still a shame the night had to end.

Roll on the next gig and lets hope Gentlemans Pistols make it back to London soon!

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