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Graveyard & Firebird – Borderline – April 27 2011

Graveyard & Firebird – Borderline – April 27 2011


My second trip to the Borderline this month and both times Bill Steer has been on stage. Earlier in the month he was playing guitar with Leeds rockers Gentlemans Pistols, and now he’s singing and playing guitar in his other band, Firebird.

Their sound is similar to that of Gentlemans Pistols, 70s influenced blues rock, this time in power trio form. It’s great headbanging stuff with a big groove and cool to see Bill Steer wailing away on the harmonica at one point too. With just two bands on tonight we are treated to a nice long set from Firebird. It was a shame when it had to end.

Firebird's Bill Steer Firebird at the Borderline Bill Steer on stage with Firebird


Next up are Swedish rockers Graveyard, who I was recommended recently by someone I met in Colombia who noticed my Fu Manchu t-shirt. I’d been listening to them in the run up to this gig and man, they’re good!

Graveyard were formed in 2006 but only have 2 albums to their name, the latest Hisingen Blues was only released in March this year in Europe. Judging by the turn out tonight they have a LOT of fans over here, including a few at the front who know all the words to all their songs. The Borderline is packed tonight – if it’s not sold out it’s pretty damn close.

Graveyard treat us to a nice long set of rocking songs that make me headbang through the whole set. I’ll definitely be buying their latest album and checking them out again next time they’re in the UK, which looks like being on the Metal Hammer stage for the Sunday of High Voltage Festival in July. Gentlemans Pistols play on the same day!

Joakim from Graveyard Graveyard at the Borderline Axel from Graveyard on drums Rikard from Graveyard on bass

As a footnote, it’s really difficult to take good photos at the Borderline – the lighting is so hit and miss and it can be fairly dark in there, though it does look great at times. I managed a couple of decent ones though tonight.

Firebird Setlist

For Crying Out Loud / Bright Lights / A Wing & A Prayer / Blue Flame / Jack the Lad / Soul Saviour / Horse Drawn Man / Bird On A Wire / Ruined / Set Your Back On Fire (Tank cover) / Silent Stranger / Slow Blues

Graveyard Setlist

No Good, Mr Holden / Hisingen Blues / Lost In Confusion / Uncomfortably Numb / Satan’s Finest / As The Years Pass By, The Hours Bend / Thin Line / Jam (while Rikard grabbed a new bass) / Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt) / The Siren /// Blue Soul / Granny & Davis

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